How Our Planning Process Works

1. In-depth Appraisal:

The first step in developing any new investment plan is to understand your financial objectives and the arrangements that are currently in place to achieve them. This will be carried out via a thorough fact find investigation which will examine all aspects of your current financial situation and your requirements for the future.

At this point, further issues and objectives may come to light which will support the development of the plan and ensure that the final outcome is tailored to meet your specific needs.

2. Portfolio Development:

Once your targets have been set, the next step is to begin selecting the right investments and build up your portfolio.

We will then provide a fully illustrated report on your existing situation and the predicted results from any investments currently made. In this way it will be possible to clearly identify any gaps in your strategy so that we can support you in rebalancing your portfolio to meet the targets you have set.

3. Develop a Plan of Action:

After the gaps have been identified and the course of action is known, we can then work together to build the portfolio that is going to meet your objectives.

There will be times when the plan will need to be reviewed and points where your objectives may change. But by working together and letting us help find the properties for you, you can be more confident that your money is working at its best.

What Next?

For many, investing in property is like shooting fish in a barrel. Sometimes they make a killing, but only through sheer good luck.

Without a clearly defined property investment plan, it is very unlikely that current investments are going to achieve the results you desire in the long term.

Though historically buying any sort of house would guarantee a profitable retirement, in today’s market it is only with clear management of income generating properties that you can be sure your investments are going to achieve the results you need.

Whether you have invested in property for years, or are exploring this opportunity for the first time, contact National Property Portfolio today and book your portfolio planning session today. Only then will you see how property investment can make those retirement dreams become much more of a reality.