Individual Portfolio Planning Services

The key to an effective property portfolio is understanding the level of income required from any investment and the time frame in which this goal should be achieved. By laying out these objectives in a full and comprehensive portfolio plan it is then possible to identify the properties that will realise your investment goals and ensure financial success.

Our team of expert advisors use the unique National Property Portfolio Planning service to ensure that every property you consider matches your requirements and the goals that you wish to achieve.

From the initial design of the plan through to the assessment and management of an existing portfolio, our consultants are able to provide a full and detailed review of your individual portfolio plan and then identify the target properties that will fulfil the objectives required.

Whether you are looking for a completely new investment strategy or a review of your existing portfolio, our team of experts can provide the support and advice you need to reach your investment objectives.

From long term capital growth targets through to short term income objectives, the National Property Planning service can be used to devise, review and manage a property investment plan for you.

Though some of our clients require income immediately, it is most common for investors to be looking for significant returns within a medium range of between 8 and 15 years. As such, our clients are looking for support in developing a strategic blueprint that will become the foundation of their investment decisions.

Understanding what your property portfolio is actually going to achieve is essential to keeping your investment decisions on track and our bespoke planning service can help you make sure that happens.

Even if the right properties come along, a property investor without a strategic plan is not going to be able to identify the good from the bad. However, with our tried and tested formula it is possible to create an easy to follow solution that will provide the guidance necessary to create a clear and defined path to success.

The Capital Growth Portfolio

If a reliable future income is not as important as capital growth, then the opportunity to design a Capital Growth Portfolio Plan with us is something you should explore.

Depending on your liquidity requirements, such a strategy can be far more aggressive than more dependable Retirement Income Portfolio’s and will focus on low cost, low deposit properties that will leverage your investment.

Starting from as little as £20,000, a Capital Growth Portfolio can achieve wealth accumulation targets in as little as ten years for those that are willing to invest, with opportunities for income creation also possible under this scheme.

We use the same highly tuned principles and philosophies to guide our clients as we do to invest ourselves, which is why the National Property Portfolio Planning System has achieved such inspirational levels of success.